Call Kunstsalon IJL

[Dutch version]

Open call: Kunstsalon IJL in Galerie Noord

Starts March 6th until March 28th 2021


Application ended December 20 2020.

Corona is the very thin, hot and vast atmosphere that surrounds the sun to tens of millions of kilometers which most easily becomes visible during a total solar eclipse.

The world is under the spell of corona, the pandemic that affects all of us and puts our society on edge. The virus itself is invisible, elusive, as thin as the atmosphere. For artists, Corona is a confusing concept. The virus puts art practices on hold, incomes are negative and opportunities to exhibit have declined. At the same time, the developments as a result of the virus are interesting. The oppression, the adaptation, the distance, the care, the sadness, the fear. But also the space, the possibilities, the changes, the necessity. Does the virus stimulate creativity or is it paralyzing? Does it produce concrete images or does elusiveness lead to abstraction? Is there a sense of urgency or is every perspective missing? How rarefied is the atmosphere?

The call for professional artists working in the Netherlands to participate in Kunstsalon IJL is now actively open. The work with which you can participate must have been made after February 27 2020, the day on which someone tested positive for corona for the first time in the Netherlands. The work should entail a maximum of 1 by 1 by 1 meter of which fits the theme (IJL). You have until December 20th, 2020 to register by answering a number of questions, agreeing to the terms and conditions and submitting a picture of your work. Register here!

After the closing date there will be a selection by the jury, chaired by David Stroband (Minerva Academy). The jury will select up to 75 artists. The selected artists will be notified no later than January 29th. There are no costs associated with participation. However, for any sales during the exhibition Galerie Noord charges a commission of 35%. And: there is something to win….

The jury gets the assignment to choose a winner from all participating artists. This artist wins a solo exhibition from 27 November to 23 December 2021. For the development of this exhibition the winner receives a contribution of € 1500,-. In the working period between the art salon and the solo, the artist will receive guidance from one of the jury members. The jury will focus on innovative and original criteria. We therefore invite artists from all disciplines and are still open to any new concepts, spatial work, experiment. 

So once again in a row:

  1. Kunstsalon IJL from 6 March to 28 March 2021
  2. You can submit HERE until 20 December 2020
  3. During registration the participant agrees to the terms and conditions
  4. Work requirements: made after February 27, 2020, maximum 1 by 1 by 1 meter, theme IJL 
  5. A jury led by David Stroband selects up to 75 artists
  6. Groundbreaking and experimental criteria used by the jury
  7. No later than 29 January 2021 announcement selection
  8. Winner announced at the art salon
  9. The winner wins a solo, a work contribution of € 1500,- and supervision by a member of the jury
  10. The solo is from 27 November to 23 December 2021


Finally: Kunstsalon IJL is only made possible through contributions from the Pictoright Steunfonds. We are very grateful for this opportunity. And of course: we are really looking forward to all entries!