Terms Kunstsalon IJL

Terms and conditions for participation in Kunstsalon IJL


The candidate fully and unconditionally agrees to the following terms and conditions of participation:

  1. Galerie Noord is organizing from 6 to 28 March May 30 to June 20 2021 at the Nieuwstad 6 in Groningen the exhibition IJL, hereinafter referred to as: “Kunstsalon IJL”.
  2. Together with an agreement on these terms and conditions: On registration the candidate will deliver a quality image of the work to be exhibited in .jpg 72dpi, long side at least 2500 pixels. The candidate will submit the image with the following title: First name_Surname_TitleWork.jpg. Registration for participation will be confirmed by Galerie Noord as soon as possible thereafter.
  3. Galerie Noord is responsible for the design of Kunstsalon IJL and determines its selection, content and opening hours.
  4. The work to be exhibited will be delivered by the candidate to Galerie Noord on March 1st May 25 2021 between 11:00 and 17:00 hours. Candidates declare that the work is of his/her own making, which is free of rights of third parties. A proof of receipt will be signed by the candidate and Galerie Noord upon delivery.
  5. Hanging work must be provided with a proper hanging system (e.g.: frames, holes, hooks, loops or magnets) that is part of the supplied work. The maximum size for the work is 100 x 100 x 100 cm. Galerie Noord reserves the right to refuse the work if the participation conditions are not met.
  6. The candidate can only cancel participation before January 15, 2021, by written notification to Galerie Noord. After this date no termination is possible. If the candidate chooses not to exhibit, without notice, Galerie Noord can recover any damages suffered as a result of the candidate.
  7. All applicants are responsible for  the costs of transport, packaging and delivery of the work for his/her own account, as well as any transport insurance.
  8. The candidate grants Galerie Noord during Kunstsalon IJL the exclusive right of sale of the work in question for the above mentioned selling price. Within two months after the end of Kunstsalon IJL, the sales turnover will be paid into the account of the candidate after 35% commission has been withheld by Galerie Noord.
  9. For the duration of Kunstsalon IJL the work in question is insured against damage by Galerie Noord. Galerie Noord is only liable for damages directly resulting from shortcomings that can be blamed on Galerie Noord and are directly related to Kunstsalon IJL. However, Galerie Noord accepts no greater liability than that which is compensated by her insurance. As long as the work is not collected after Kunstsalon IJL, it is at the expense and risk of Galerie Noord. If the work is not collected after three months, the work will be cancelled free of charge to Galerie Noord.
  10. During Kunstsalon IJL the work remains the property of the candidate. In case of sale during Kunstsalon IJL, payment will take place through Galerie Noord and the candidate will proceed to delivery and transfer to the buyer. The candidates and Galerie Noord will inform each other about the manner and time of the sale and delivery of the sold work. Galerie Noord is not liable for damage caused by the delivery by the candidate or by the actions of the buyer.
  11. Galerie Noord takes care of the printing and publicity around Kunstsalon IJL. The candidate agrees that his / her name and / or work in this context are used or depicted for publicity purposes.
  12. Galerie Noord reserves the right to change, postpone or cancel Kunstsalon IJL, without being obliged to pay compensation to the candidate or third parties in any way.
  13. All candidates will pick up unsold work at Galerie Noord on March 30th June 21 2021 between 11:00 and 17:00 hours. Proof of receipt must be included to be signed for return.
  14. These participation conditions are governed by Dutch law.